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Radio News: NC town becomes second in US to adopt “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”

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April 22, 2009


NC town becomes second in US to adopt “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”

Carrboro, North Carolina has become the second community in the country to adopt the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights as Guiding Principles.”  From the Tri-cities area, FSRN’s Lynda-Marie Taurasi has the story.

With a population just over 16,000, Carrboro, North Carolina is known as one of the most progressive communities in the South.  Now Carrboro, second to Washington D.C., became one of the first communities to take a stand for Human Rights.

Judith Blau, the director of the Human Rights Center of Chapel Hill and Carrboro, was responsible for petitioning Carrboro’s Board of Aldermen to adopt the declaration commonly referred to as UDHR.

“The Universal Declaration was proclaimed by the General Assembly of the United Nations in 1948. The committee that drafted it was chaired by Eleanor Roosevelt. She said that these international agreements are essential for peace in the world, but it needs to be embodied in local communities and cities. That’s where they take hold.”

The declaration includes 30 articles that address everything from torture, religion, marriage and voting and is said to be the most translated document in the world.

Lynda-Marie Taurasi. FSRN.

(Listen here: story begins @ 2:30)

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